CITY BANK MONTREAL - Cheque Book - Ontario Toronto Sir Thomas Galt




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CITY BANK MONTREAL - Ontario Toronto Sir Thomas Galt 1860 Cheque Book - there are 24 used cheques that have reattached to their stubs (23 white cheques and 1 blue cheque)

Sir Thomas Galt was a lawyer, judge. and eldest son of John Galt and younger brother of A.T. Galt, father of Confederation. He came to Canada at 18 years old in 1833 from Scotland to work for the Canada Company;  remained in their office about six years, at the end of which time he became a student at law with the late Hon. Chief Justice Draper; was called to the Bar U. C. Easter Term, 1845. He was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1868. Thomas Galt became in 1869 judge of the court of common pleas in Ontario, and in 1887 chief justice of the court, being knighted in 1888, and retiring in 1894.

Photo of Galt is not included 

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