BOOK Great Britain British Copper Tokens 1811 - 1820 by Paul & Bente R. Withers

BOOK Great Britain British Copper Tokens 1811 - 1820 by Paul & Bente R. Withers




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GREAT BRITAIN British Copper Tokens 1811 - 1820. by Paul & Bente R. Withers New

Published by Galata Print Ltd., Llanfyllin. 1999. HB (green cloth with gilt lettering on cover and spine).  264 pages. Illustrated throughout with b&w in-text illustrations of all types and varieties. A4 (214 x 304mm). Covers the tokens of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. ISBN 0951667157   
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Awarded the International Association of Professional Numismatists book prize and bronze medal in 1999.

The towns of issue are listed alphabetically and the descriptions of them were taken from contemporary directories and guides. Issuers were carefully researched in those and other publications, including directories.  Contemporary newspaper accounts and adverts are used extensively throughout the book. There is an extensive bibliography, and seven pages of indexes. There are concordances with Davis, and Christopher Eimer's Medallic Portraits of the Duke of Wellington. There are appendices covering associated items, edges (illustrated) and maps showing the geographical distribution of the places of issue of the silver and copper tokens.  This is the standard reference work on this series. Please note that it is not a price guide.  

For Canadian numismatists collecting Canadian colonial tokens it is an important reference as many of the non-local tokens were British tokens that were used in Canada. Interesting to note the rarity ratings on such pieces are sometimes erroneous from the Canadian perspective, as pieces rare in England are sometimes common in Canada as the bulk of the pieces were shipped overseas.

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