FRANCE World War I, 1918 Maréchal Foch, The Armistice Bronze Medal by G-H. Prud'homme






FRANCE World War I, 1918 Maréchal Foch, the Armistice signed in a railway carriage in the forest of Rethondes, 68mm Bronze Medal, by G-H. Prud'homme, 

Obverse: Foch bust facing left F. FOCH MARECHAL DE FRANCE MCMXVIII 

Reverse: the rail carriage in the woods, RETHONDES SIGNATURE DE L'ARMISTICE 8 - 11 NOVEMBRE 1918   

Edge: Cornucopia symbol (Privy Mark Paris Mint) BRONZE

The Armistice wagon is the railway car in which the armistice of November 11th, 1918 between Germany, France and its allies , then that of June 22, 1940 between Germany and France, both at the clearing known as the Armistice in the forest of Compiègne , about sixty kilometers north of Paris in the department of Oise . This place is also called "clairière de Rethondes", although the clearing is on the territory of the commune of Compiègne. This car numbered 2419 D had been put into service in 1914 by the Compagnie des wagons-lits , assigned to Marshal Foch's train in 1918 , exhibited at the Invalides then in the Glade of Rethondes during the interwar period . Taken to Germany after the signing of the armistice of June 1940and exhibited in Berlin , it was destroyed in April 1945 by the SS , on Hitler's order , a month before the German surrender .

A similar car, 2439 D, from the same 1913 series, has been on display since 1950 in a memorial on the site of the same clearing in Rethondes. The scenes on the train were some of the more peaceful scenes in the 2022 movie All Quiet on the Western Front.

Georges Henri Prud'homme (1873 - 1947) Sculptor and medallist, born in Capbreton, Landes. Studied in Paris at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs then at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts where he studied sculpture under Falguière and engraving under Alphée Dubois. Exhibited regularly at the Salon from 1894. Received an honourable mention in 1901, a third-class medal in 1904 and a second-class medal in 1911. Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, 1923.

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