GERMANY 1916 The Malt Racketeers (Malzschieber) by Karl Goetz (Kienast 182)






GERMANY 1916 The Malt Racketeers (Malzschieber) 58.2mm Cast Bronze Medal, Plain Edge 65.9 grams. (Kienast 182) 

To castigate the doctrine that the small thieves are hanged and the big ones get away free. The obverse scene indicates that big racketeers may move their goods by the truckload without hindrance, while the reverse, depicts a little hoarder being frisked at the railway station and loses all.

Obverse: MALZSCHIEBER/ in exergue, 1916 - Two male figures pushing a large train car to l., in front of car a third male figure, facing the car and saluting towards it; background: angry crowd.

Reverse: HA -- MST -- ER - Scene in train station: Male figure, wearing uniform frisking female figure by grabbing her purse with r. hand and putting l. hand on her shoulder; to r. of this scene: second male figure, to r., wearing big and filled backpack and another big object; on ground: bag opened with items falling out; background: train conductor and other figure, waving to leaving train.

Karl Goetz was a German medallist born in Augsburg in 1875. He studied there and also in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and Düsseldorf until 1897. After time spent in the Netherlands and Paris he settled and worked in Munich from 1904. His first medals date from 1905. He is best known for his satirical and propaganda medals during WWI and for the Lusitania medal of 1915. He was a member of Munich's Artist Society and Numismatic Society. During WWII he produced further propaganda medals. He died in Munich in 1950.

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