GREAT BRITAIN British Victories, 1758, Copper Medal Leroux 862, Betts 416




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



GREAT BRITAIN British Victories, 1758, 44mm copper* medal 32.4 grams, unsigned [by J. Kirk?], (MI II, 692/416; Eimer 662, Betts 416, Leroux 862,  Breton 50, not listed by McLachlan)

*Copper version of this medal is considerably rarer than the brass

Obverse: laureate and armoured bust of George II left, GEORGIVS II REX

Reverse: Britannia in a car drawn by a lion, drives over French fleur de lis; Justice and Liberty in attendance, FOEDUS INVICTUM MASON / S. MALOS, JUN 16 MARLBRO / CHERBOURG. AU 16 HOW. / LOUISBOURG. JUL 27. BOSCAWEN – AMHERST / FRONTIC. AUG 27. BRADSTREET. DUQUESNE. NOV. 24 FORBES. / GOREE. DEC. 29. KEPPEL. MDCCLVIII

Due to the subject matter this medal is widely collected in both Canada and the United States