QUEBEC Lieutenant Governor E. L. Patenaude Medal Clowery #14




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QUEBEC Lieutenant Governor E. L. Patenaude 71.5mm bronze medal 168 grams Clowery #14


Esioff-Léon Patenaude, PC, QC, (1875 – 1963) was a Canadian statesman who served as the 17th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec. Born in Saint-Isidore, Quebec, in 1875, he studied law at the University of Montreal and was called to the Quebec Bar in 1899. He established a successful law practice, was soon drawn to politics, and served as a chief organizer for the Conservative Party of Canada in Montreal. In 1934, the Governor General of Canada, on the advice of Canadian Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett, appointed Patenaude as Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, a position in which he served until his retirement from public life in 1939. In his later years, he experienced a successful career as a banker (became President of the Provincial Bank of Canada in 1946) and businessman (as director of McColl Frontenac, Crown Life Insurance and board of Texaco Canada).

Victor Jules Eugene Canale, pupil of Riviere and Moncel. Victor Canale was a French sculptor and medal engraver. He also manufactured and retailed medals - especially "art medals". His medal manufacturing business at 37 Quai de l'Horloge was started in 1827 by C. Durant, passed to August Godard and then to Canale in 1912.  He collaborated a great deal with the medallist Henri Dropsy and was a prominent member of the Societe Francaise des Amis de la Medaille.