BELGIUM, 1916 La Cantine du Soldat Prisonnier Bronze Medal WWI




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Product type: Medal

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BELGIUM, 1916 La Cantine du Soldat Prisonnier, World War I 55mm bronze medal 53.87 grams by G. Devreese, (Willenz 157; Lefébure 529)

Obverse:  a young lady, her arm through an opening in a door, a girl with parcels beside her, LA CANTINE du SOLDATS PRISONNIER / BRUXELLES 1914 - 1915 (Trans: THE SOLDIER PRISONERS CANTEEN / BRUSSELS 1914 - 1915)

Reverse:  a prisoner, having taken a parcel kisses the hand that gave it.

The sale of the medal was banned by the Germans for showing a too emaciated prisoner.

Godefroid Devreese (1861-1941) Belgian medallist. He held the record for the production of medals in Belgium for the year 1909, and in 1910 was named Commemorative Medallist of the International Medallic Exhibition held by The American Numismatic Society