BELGIUM, Battles of Yser and Ypres, 1918 Bronze Medal by C. Samuel




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



BELGIUM, Battles of Yser and Ypres, 1918, 70mm bronze medal by C. Samuel

Obverse: helmeted soldier holding a rifle in his hands at the waist, amidst the shattered remains of the town of Ypres, YPRES MCMXVIII (1918)

Reverse: river god pouring water out from a chalice, flanked by a soldier on either side, with bull rushes in the background, CH. SAMUEL YSER MCMXIV (1914) 

Charles Samuel (1862-1939) was a Belgian medallist and sculptor, a native of Brussels who studied under the medallist Charles Wiener. He was chiefly successful as a sculptor, and examples of his work are widespread in Brussels.