BELGIUM / Great Britain 1843 Queen Victoria Visit to Belgium




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Product type: Medal

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BELGIUM / Great Britain 1843 Queen Victoria Visit to Belgium 41.5mm bronze medal 45.7 grams - artist unknown

Obverse: conjoined busts of Leopold I and Louise of Orleans right

Reverse: writing within wreath, A LA REINE VICTORIA / 13 SEPTEMB. / 1843

Victoria made a state visit to Belgium in September 1843, visiting her uncle, Leopold I, the first King of the Belgians. She landed at Ostend on 15 September and proceeding towards Brussels and sailing back from Antwerp on the 20th.  Joseph Laurent Hart did a series of Victoria's visit showing the coat of arms of each stop. This is not part of that series. Surprisingly there is not a British medal commemorating this visit. In the British Historical Medals catalogue, Laurence Brown, for the sake of completeness selected a Belgium medal by French medallist, Valentin Maurice Borrel to record that this event had even happened.