BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver - 1947 Pacific National Exhibition Silver Medal




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Product type: Medal

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BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver - Pacific National Exhibition Silver Medal 65.58 grams by Birks, Charlton EBCA-48 engraved: FIRST AWARD / 1947 / INTERNATIONAL / PICTORIAL SALON / MAY HUNTER

The organization was established in 1907 as the Vancouver Exhibition Association, and organized its first fair at Hastings Park in 1910. The organization was renamed to the Pacific National Exhibition in 1946. This was the first fair under the new name and the first fair since 1942 due to the war. The medal is catalogued in the Charlton medal catalogue, but it notes that the only known silver medal was issued for the 1953 fair. May Hunter was certainly becoming a name in the 1940s in the BC photography community and had competed at numerous phtography exhibitions