BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver 1971 CNA Bronze Medal




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Product type: Medal

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BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver 1971 Canadian Numismatic Association 39.2 mm bronze medal 22.67 grams (CNA-18B)

The 18th CNA convention was hosted by the Vancouver Numismatic Society and held at the Canadian Pacific Hotel Vancouver (now Fairmont) on August 26th to 28th during British Columbia's Centennial. The medals were produced and engraved by Frank Sarson of Pressed Metal Products of Vancouver on a obverse design of William E. Perry and reverse design by Leslie C. Hill.  Mintage was 550 bronze medals, but 123 defective pieces were destroyed by Pressed Metal Products 

Obverse:  the seal of the CNA to the left, and the logo of the Vancouver Numismatic Society to the right, 18TH ANNUAL CONVENTION / CNA / CANADIAN NUMISMATIC / EST. / 1950 / ASSOCIATION / VANCOUVER / NUMISMATIC SOCIETY / VANCOUVER, B.C. AUG. 26-28, 1971

Reverse: the early seal of British Columbia to left, and the arms of the Province at right, BRITISH COLUMBIA / 1871 - 1971 / PROVINCE OF / BRITISH COLUMBIA / SPENDOR SINE OCCASU / CONFEDERATION