CANADA Borderline Token 1813 Halfpenny Token Bowman #21 Withers #610




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Product type: Token

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



GREAT BRITAIN - Canada Borderline Token 1813 Halfpenny Token Bowman #21 Withers #610

Obverse: A lion walking to the left. “ HALFPENNY. 1813”.
Reverse: Britannia with sprig and trident seated left, a shield behind, in a wreath of oak leaves. The initials “B.C.C.” for British Copper Company is immediately below the shield.

Die Axis: ↑→

Weight: 8.33 grams

Edge: Plain

This token was made for the British Copper Company in Walthamstowe, Essex. There were several types, and many varieties, and some were later shipped to Canada for circulation there. That has been documented in the UK by John Coxall, and in Canada by Fred Bowman. The so-called Canadian Borderline Tokens are not listed by either Breton or LeRoux and cannot be claimed that they are one hundred percent Canadian, but they had a more or less limited circulation in Canada during the years when currency of small denominations was almost nonexistent. From about 1810 to the time when decimal coinage was established in Upper and Lower Canada in 1858, almost any type of coin was acceptable by the people in general.