CANADA Quebec Martyrs of our Political Freedoms 1837-38 Plaque by H. Hébert




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CANADA Quebec Martyrs of our Political Freedoms 1837-38 Placque  45.4mm x 100.6mm bronze plaque 89 grams to commemorate the 12 French-Canadians who were hanged for armed insurrection against British authority in 1837-38.

Obverse: Angel above man in traditional French Canadien garments, AVX MARTYRS DE NOS LIBERTES POLITIQVES (trans: Martyrs of our Political Freedoms) / HENRI HÉBERT

Reverse: depicts branch with leaves and berries, HOMMAGE AVX PATRIOTES CANADIENS DE 1837 - 1838 (trans: tribute to the Candian Patriots of 1837 - 1838 ) maple leaves VAINCVS DANS LA LVTTE ILS ONT TRIOMPHE DANS L'HISTOIRE (trans: defeated in the struggle they triumph in history), fleur de lis, LE COMITE DV MONVMENT AUX PATRIOTES MONTREAL 1925 (trans: the Montreal 1925 Monument to the Patriots Committee)

This monument is dedicated to the 12 Patriotes who died by hanging at the Pied-du-Courant prison in the winter of 1838–39, whose names are displayed on the faces of the pedestal: Joseph-Narcisse Cardinal, Amable Daunais, François-Marie-Thomas Chevalier de Lorimier, Pierre-Théophile Decoigne, Joseph Duquette, François-Xavier Hamelin, Charles Hindelang, Pierre-Rémi Narbonne, François Nicolas, Joseph-Jacques Robert, Ambroise Sanguinet, and Charles Sanguinet.

In the 1990s, the monument was moved to the corner of Rue Notre-Dame and Avenue De Lorimier, which corresponds approximately to the site where the Patriotes were hanged. The monument grouping is built in a pyramidal mode: a triangular pedestal terminates in the point formed by the extended hand of an allegorical kneeling figure. This is Liberty with Broken Wings, represented, as tradition dictates, by a female figure brandishing a broken chain. She is both an allegory for failure and a symbol of the glory and moral victory of the vanquished. Her tattered dress bespeaks the violence of combat; her kneeling position, defeat. The lifted right arm and the broken chain remind us that this combat was not in vain and that the Patriotes’ rebellion merits its place in history as it led to French Canadians’ gaining constitutional freedoms. On each face of the pedestal is a medallion-shaped bronze bas-relief bearing the likeness of three Patriotes: Chevalier de Lorimier, de Louis-Joseph Papineau, and Wolfred Nelson.

Henri Hébert, (1884 - 1950) a second-generation Quebeçois artist/medallist, son of Louis-Philippe Hébert. Henri also did the Lieutenant Governor medal for Sir Lomer Gouin, but this medal for the patriots is considered his best medallic work.