CANADA Quebec Montreal Curling Club 1907 Centenary Celebration Silver Charlton #2190




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CANADA Quebec Montreal Curling Club 1907 Centenary Celebration 42.7mm silver medal 29.3 grams Charlton #2190

The Charlton Catalogue does not have an illustration for this medal, and catalogues it only in bronze. It has been XRF tested as Ag 76.45%, Cu 0.30%, Ga 2.31%, Pb 18.14%, Sn 2.44% and W 0.36%. Not pretty, but I have not seen another another example offered anywhere.

From the website of the Royal Montreal Curling Club: Founded in 1807,

The Royal Montreal Curling Club is the oldest active athletic club in North America.

It was during the reign of King George III, when Montreal was a town of perhaps 12,000, that 20 merchants and a chaplain who liked to curl together on the ice of the St. Lawrence River decided to form a curling club. The group met on January 22, 1807, in Gillis Tavern, where The Montreal Curling Club was born, the oldest established sports club still active in North America.

In 1860 The Montreal Curling Club moved to an indoor rink on Drummond Street, near the present site of the Mount Stephen Club. Twenty-eight years later, a lot on St. Catherine Street between St. Mathieu and St. Marc was purchased for construction of a new curling shed. Opened in 1889, it has remained our rink ever since. The following year we sold the portion of the land fronting on St. Catherine Street and acquired a lot on the other side of the shed, then 56 St. Luke Street (now 1850 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West), to build a club house. Designed by Hyde & Nobbs, it was opened on Christmas Eve 1892, and expanded to its present size in 1912.
 The curling shed was built in the style of the famous Victoria Arena (where the Montreal Maroons later played hockey), on a frame of laminated wood in arched girders, permitting a large, free space unencumbered by pillars. It is the only known example of this type of structure still in existence.

On February 23, 1924, a Royal Warrant was issued granting the Club the right to add the word “Royal” to its name. Henceforward it would be known as The Royal Montreal Curling Club (RMCC).