CANADA, Toronto U.C. 1839 Watkins & Harris 2/6 scrip Charlton ON-100-10-06






CANADA, Toronto U.C. 1839 Watkins & Harris issued two shillings and six pence / half dollar scrip serial 2004 Charlton #ON100-10-06 Fine (tape on reverse left hand side corners)

courtesy of Bob Graham's Canadian Merchant Scrip - John Watkins of Kingston started a branch ship chandlery and ironmongery (hardware) business in York in 1829, under the management of Thomas Dennie Harris (1803-1873) who became a full partner in 1832. Watkins was to later sell out his interest to Harris. The store was destroyed in 1849 by the first Great Toronto Fire, but was rebuilt. The firm was later known as Harris & Evans, when a former assistant, John Evans, became a partner.