FRANCE 1837 Capture of Constantine (Algeria) by V. Borrel and A. Caqué




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



FRANCE 1837 Capture of Constantine (Algeria) by V. Borrel and A. Caqué 52.4mm bronze medal 73.25 grams struck between 1842 and 1845.

Obverse: Laureate bust of Louis-Philippe I to the left, LOUIS PHILIPPE I ROI DES FRANCAIS / BORREL 1838

Reverse: Roman general holding a sword in one hand and a crown in the other stands on the breach of a rampart, a burning tower behind him on the left, DAMREMONT NEMOURS D’ORLEANS VALEE / PRISE DE CONSTANTINE / LE 13 OCTOBRE / 1837 / C. CAQUE (Trans: TAKING OF CONSTANTINE / OCTOBER 13 / 1837)

Edge: Prow privy mark (Paris Mint) CUIVRE

The complete list of French privy marks is listed below.

Antique Lamp (Lampe Antique) . March 1832 – October 1841, Gold and Silver strikes.

Anchor and C interlaced (Ancre et C) , October 1841 – Sept. 1842. Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Prou Antique (Antique Prow) , 1842 – 1845.

Pointing Hand (Main Indicatrice) , June 1845- October 1860.

Bee (Abeille) , November 1860 – December 1879.

Cornucopia (Corne d'Abondance) , Jan. 1, 1880 – present.

Cornucopia plus date of actual striking, 1966 – present.

Valentin Maurice Borrel (1804 -1882)was a French medallist. At the age of twelve, he was apprenticed to the medallist J. J. Barre, who was then Engraver-general at the French Mint. He was 24 years old when he engraved his first portrait, that of the actor Picard ; this was followed by others of Andrieux, Alexandre Duval, Yon Barré, Népomucéne Lemercier, and Mme Duval. Three years later, the young artist received an appointment at the Monaco Mint under Honoré V. From that date, he began engraving official medals, and was entrusted with the execution of portrait pieces of the King Louis Philippe, and Princes and Princesses of the House of Orléans. 
Armand-Auguste Caqué (1793-1881) French engraver, medalist. Born Saintes, France, 1793. Employed at Hague Royal Mint 1817-1818. Appointed Chief Engraver to Napoleon III 1858-1881.