FRANCE 1856 Marriage Medal Engrave "OC" by A. J. Pingret




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



FRANCE 1856 Marriage  41.56mm silver medal 32.20 grams by A. J. Pingret

Obverse: couple holding hands in front of the altar surmounted by a cross MARIAGE CHRETIEN PINGRET F. (Trans: CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE)

Reverse: engraved OC, within wreath

Edge: engraved, UNIS LE 12 AVRIL 1856, Pointing Hand privy mark (Paris Mint) ARGENT

The complete list of French privy marks is listed below.

Antique Lamp (Lampe Antique) . March 1832 – October 1841, Gold and Silver strikes.

Anchor and C interlaced (Ancre et C) , October 1841 – Sept. 1842. Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Prou Antique (Antique Prow) , 1842 – 1845.

Pointing Hand (Main Indicatrice) , June 1845- October 1860.

Bee (Abeille) , November 1860 – December 1879.

Cornucopia (Corne d'Abondance) , Jan. 1, 1880 – present.

Cornucopia plus date of actual striking, 1966 – present.

Arnold Joseph Pingret was born 1798 in Brussels and died 1862 in Paris. He was a French engraver and medallist