FRANCE 1938 Eugène Marquis Surgeon Bronze Plaque




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



FRANCE 1938 Eugène Marquis Surgeon Bronze Plaque 72.3mm x 54.23mm bronze plaque 211 grams (there is a circular punch mark just above the 3 in the date 1938) by F. Bazin

Obverse: bust half-body facing left in Professor's robe, F. BAZIN

Reverse: allegory of surgery in front of an old instrument table legend and coat of arms of the city of Rennes and Brittany above jewel, AU PROFESSEUR / EUGENE MARQUIS / SES COLLEGUES / SES CONFRERES / SES ELEVES / 1938 (Trans: TO PROFESSOR EUGENE MARQUIS HIS COLLEAGUES HIS COLLEAGUES HIS STUDENTS 1938)

Edge: Triangular symbol of Arthus-Bertrand BRONZE

Marquis was a respected surgeon and creator of the Regional Centre of Fight Against Cancer (C.R.L.C.C.) at the Pontchaillou hospital in Rennes. 

François Bazin (1897 - 1956) was born in Paris. His parents were engravers and medalists. Early years were spent in Chile where his parents taught at the Santiago art college. The family returned to Paris in 1913 and Bazin enrolled at the Paris École des Beaux-Art. He was mobilized in 1916 and attached to a squadron whose planes were equipped with Hispano Suiza engines. After the war he completed his studies and was runner-up for the Prix de Rome in 1925