France / Canada Louis XIV. Felicitas Domus Augustae. 1686 Leroux 300e, Breton 6, Betts 76




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



France / Canada Louis XIV. Felicitas Domus Augustae. 1686, Leroux 300e, Betts 76. Breton 6.  41.4mm copper medal 31.3 grams Plain edge. Signed I. MAUGER.

Often treated as part of the Canadian series as an Indian peace medal and was, according to Victor Morin's 1915 study, Les Médailles Décernées aux Indiens, given out as such, recent research by David Fanning suggests that this Louis XIV medal commemorating the birth of the Duc de Berry was simply struck and distributed to celebrate that event, likely between 1691 and 1693.

Glossy, rich chocolate-brown example, struck with rounded rims typical of the period. A noticeable rim break occurs at 3:30 on the reverse.

Provenance: Michael Joffre collection auctioned by Geoffrey Bell Auctions 28 April 2022 Lot 3