FRANCE Marriage Plaque 56.5mm x 55.8mm by Pierre Alexandre Morlon




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Product type: Medal

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FRANCE Marriage Plaque 56.5mm x 55.8mm, 90.36 grams by Pierre Alexandre Morlon

Obverse: Couple holding hands, face to face, against a background of laurel and oak branches. Signed: A. MORLON.

Reverse: Plaque for engraving under oak and rose branches

Edge: Cornucopia privy symbol (Paris Mint) BRONZE

It was customary to give a Treizain once during the wedding mass. It was blessed and Treizain meant entering a community property married. The Treizain subsequently became a medal or token of marriage, so named in honor of Jesus Christ and the Twelve Apostles. This practice persisted into the first half of the twentieth century. The reference book on the subject is the work of Jules Florange, Love and marriage in numismatics, Moulins, 1936 now replaced by Henri Térisse, The Wedding Coin, Argenton-sur-Creuse 2008.

Provenance: World Art Medals - Dr. Robert Levin

Pierre-Alexandre Morlon (1878-1951) French sculptor and medalist, was a pupil of Alexandre Falguière, Antonin Mercié and Jules-Clément Chaplain at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, and exhibited at the Salon from 1900, winning a gold medal in 1920 and a medal of honor in 1926. He was responsible for numerous war memorials, including those at Charolles and La Clayette, Saône-et-Loire, and at Rambevilliers, Vosges, and is noted in particular for his medals related to World War I.