FRANCE World War I 1917 God Willing 1095 By J. P. Legastelois 41mm




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



FRANCE 1917 (World War I) God Willing 1095,  41mm bronze medal 32.24 grams, by J. P. Legastelois 

Obverse: Allegorical figures of Marianne, Britannia and Belgica 1917

Reverse: Crusaders listening to French monk, Pierre d'Amiens DIEU LE VEULT MXCV (trans: God Willing 1095)

Edge: Cornucopia Privy Symbol (Paris Mint) BRONZE

GOD WILLING (Deus le veult in old French ) is a rallying cry of the Crusaders launched before the fight against the enemy troops. It was used from the first crusade. In 1095, at the end of the Council of Clermont , Pope Urban II delivered a solemn speech intended to come to the aid of Eastern Christians persecuted by the Seljuk Turks .

Jules-Prosper Legastelois (1855-1931) born in Paris, French medallist and sculptor, studied with Levasseur, Carlier and Tonnellier