FRANCE World War I, 1918 Maréchal Foch, The Armistice Bronze Medal by G-H. Prud'homme






FRANCE World War I, 1918 Maréchal Foch, the Armistice signed in a railway carriage in the forest of Rethondes, 68mm Bronze Medal, by G-H. Prud'homme, 

Obverse: Foch bust facing left F. FOCH MARECHAL DE FRANCE MCMXVIII            Reverse: the rail carriage in the woods, RETHONDES SIGNATURE DE L'ARMISTICE 8 - 11 NOVEMBRE 1918                                                                                                          Edge: Cornucopia symbol (Privy Mark Paris Mint) BRONZE

The Armistice wagon is the railway car in which the armistice of November 11th, 1918 between Germany, France and its allies , then that of June 22, 1940 between Germany and France, both at the clearing known as the Armistice in the forest of Compiègne , about sixty kilometers north of Paris in the department of Oise . This place is also called "clairière de Rethondes", although the clearing is on the territory of the commune of Compiègne. This car numbered 2419 D had been put into service in 1914 by the Compagnie des wagons-lits , assigned to Marshal Foch's train in 1918 , exhibited at the Invalides then in the Glade of Rethondes during the interwar period . Taken to Germany after the signing of the armistice of June 1940and exhibited in Berlin , it was destroyed in April 1945 by the SS , on Hitler's order , a month before the German surrender .

A similar car, 2439 D, from the same 1913 series, has been on display since 1950 in a memorial on the site of the same clearing in Rethondes .

Georges Henri Prud'homme (1873 - 1947) Sculptor and medallist, born in Capbreton, Landes. Studied in Paris at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs then at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts where he studied sculpture under Falguière and engraving under Alphée Dubois. Exhibited regularly at the Salon from 1894. Received an honourable mention in 1901, a third-class medal in 1904 and a second-class medal in 1911. Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, 1923.