FRANCE 1798 Napoleon in Egypt a restrike silver medal by A. Bovy




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



FRANCE 1798 Napoleon in Egypt , a restrike 42mm silver medal 42.06 grams, by A. Bovy [struck after 1880]

Obverse: Napoleon facing right, BONAPARTE GENERAL EN CHEF / A. BOVY

Reverse: Napoleon on horse back addressing troops, four pyramids in background, SOLDATS DU HAUT DE CES PYRAMIDES / 40 SIECLES NOUS CONTEMPLENT  / NAPOLEON EN EGYPTE  / 25 JUILLET 1798 / A. BOVY (Trans: SOLDIERS FROM THE TOP OF THESE PYRAMIDS / 40 CENTURIES SEE US / NAPOLEON IN EGYPT / JULY 25, 1798)

Edge: Cornucopia privy mark (Paris Mint) ARGENT (the edge poorly stamped) 

Antoine Bovy was a French/Swiss sculptor and medallist. He was a student of the studio of Jean-Jacques Pradier at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He created numerous medals, distinguished by highly artistic portraits and a large thematic variety. The best of his works include medals in honour of Goethe, Calvin, Cuvier, Liszt, Louis-Philippe and also several portraying Napoleon I. He worked in France in service of Louis-Philippe and Napoleon III.

The Paris Mint restrikes many of its medals, and while there is nothing on the obverse or reverse to indicate that it is a restrike. The edge indicates that this piece was made in 1978 instead of 1934. The complete list of French privy marks is below.

Antique Lamp (Lampe Antique) . March 1832 – October 1841, Gold and Silver strikes.

Anchor and C interlaced (Ancre et C) , October 1841 – Sept. 1842. Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Prou Antique (Antique Prow) , 1842 – 1845.

Pointing Hand (Main Indicatrice) , June 1845- October 1860.

Bee (Abeille) , November 1860 – December 1879.

Cornucopia (Corne d'Abondance) , Jan. 1, 1880 – present.

Cornucopia plus date of actual striking, 1966 – present.