GERMANY 1914 WWI Karl Litzmann the Battle of Brzezin Silver Medal




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



GERMANY 1914 WWI Karl Litzmann the Battle of Brzezin,  49.6mm silver medal 51.15 grams, by Martin Schauß (Zetzmann 4044) matte finish

Obverse: Liztmann facing right, LITZMANN NOV 1914 BRZEZINY

Reverse: a mythological knight fights off four wolves

Edge stamped DS9 

Karl Litzmann (1850-1936), ‘the Lion of Brzeziny’ was a general in World War I, winning the Pour le Mérite with oak leaves for military bravery after his victory over the Russian Imperial armies at the Battle of Łódź in the winter of 1914. He later joined the Nazi party, and during the Nazi occupation of Poland Łódź was renamed Litzmannstadt in his (dubious) honour. 

Martin Schauß (1834 - 1875) , who belonged to the French Reformed community in Berlin.. Schauß studied sculpture at the Berlin Academy of Arts from November 1888 to September 1891 . Here he was a pupil of Fritz Schaper and Ernst Herter . After completing his studies, Schauss went to Paris for several years (1892–1895) for further training, where he studied with the medalists Henri Chapu and Denys Puech at the Académie Julian . 

The small Canadian connection is that Martin Schauß married his first wife in 1905, Antonie Anna Hermine Kaysel who died in Summerland, British Columbia in 1974.