GREAT BRITAIN 1759 British Victories Leroux 861, Breton 49 NGC MS61




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



GREAT BRITAIN 1759 British Victories 44mm brass medal; (Unsigned, but speculated by Christopher Eimer to be J. Kirk). MI 708/444, Betts 418, Breton 49, Eimer-677, Leroux 861, McLachlan 129 Celebrates four British victories in North America (Quebec, Niagara, Guadeloupe, Crown Point) (NGC MS61 6097544-005)

Obverse: Bust facing left, laureate and armoured GEORGIVS II REX

Reverse: Central shield with an inverted fleur-de-lis inscribed around garter PERFIDIA EVERSA; below, a ribbon inscribed W. PITT AUSP. GEO. II PR. MI. Around campaigns and their commanders: QUEBEC WOLFE MONCKN. TOWNSD. SEP 13 & 18 / CROWN POINT AMHERST AUG. 4 / LAGOS BOSCAWEN AUG. 19 / MINDEN FERDINAND AUG. 1. / GUADALOUPE BARING MOORE MAY/ 1 / NIAGARA JOHNSON JULY. 25 / HAWKE QUIBERON NOV. 20 / MDCCLIX D. 

British, but due to the subject matter this medal is widely collected in both Canada and the United States.