GREAT BRITAIN Bewicke Main Colliery 1811 Penny Token Withers 885




Collections: Tokens, World Tokens

Product type: Token

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



GREAT BRITAIN Northumberland, Bewicke Main Colliery 1811 Penny Token. Dies were apparently by Halliday, and manufactured by Thomason, die axis ⇈ medal, 18.36 grams, Withers 885, Davis 16

Bewicke Main Colliery and Works, was sold at auction on September 26th, 1811. Its short-lived usage perhaps responsible for its great condition. The bronze token series of the early 19th century was different from the Conder tokens of the 18th Century. It was the beginning of the industrial age, and the tokens were as Withers describes them an "utilitarian product generally lacking artistry", this may have been the exception.