GREAT BRITAIN c1738 Legitimacy of the Jacobite Succession Woolf 47:1




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GREAT BRITAIN c1738 Legitimacy of the Jacobite Succession - The Two Princes 45mm silver medal 56.4 grams unsigned (attributed to E. Hamerani) Woolf 47:1, (Medallic Illustrations II 493/35, Eimer 544A) reverse edge bruise at 11 o'clock

Obverse: bust of Prince Charles facing right armoured and draped, wolf and twins on trunction HVNC. SALTEM EVERSO IVVENEM (trans: At least permit this youth to repair the ruins of the age)

Reverse: bust of Henry facing right, armoured and draped, TRIPLICIS. SPES TERTIA GENTIS (trans: The third hope of a tripled nation)

Erminegildo Hamerani (1683-1756) son of Giovanni Martino Hamerani; one of the Hamerani family of coin and medal producers. In 1719 it is noted that he was a member of the Accademia di San Luca.The Hamerani family dominated coin and medal production for nearly two centuries. They were employed for nearly two centuries at the Papal Zecca at Rome. The Hamerani family members consisted of Alberto, Giovanni Martino, Ermenegildo, Ottone, Ferdinando, Gioacchino and Giovanni the Younger.

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