GREAT BRITAIN / Canada Louisbourg Captured. 1758. Pinchbeck Leroux 852 ON HOLD

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Louisbourg Captured. 1758. Pinchbeck Leroux 852, Breton 40McLachlan 372, Betts 404,  40.9mm pinchbeck medal  15.1g. Plain edge. Unsigned.

A medal of very whimsical styling to commemorate the British capture the Fortress of Louisbourg, when 190 ships under the command of Admiral Edward Boscawen orchestrated their 48-day attack in June and July 1758. The battle was a momentous victory for the British during the Seven Years’ War.

Provenance: John J. Ford, Jr. Collection, XVII March 20th, 2007 lot 2211 (does not come with any documentation relating to that sale, but with so few offerings of this medal it is relatively easy to trace through auction record archives)