GREAT BRITAIN Countermarked "BRADFORD" & "WORKHOUSE" on Unusual Host Token




Collections: Tokens, World Tokens

Product type: Token

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



GREAT BRITAIN Countermarked "BRADFORD" & "WORKHOUSE" on Birmingham and South Wales 1812 Penny Token.

The countermark is the same as Withers 410 in that "the letters of BRADFORD are small and widely-spaced, the O's are circular, the S is faulty almost a blob." However, also in that description, they also specify that it is struck on a Birmingham Union Copper Company host token. 

The "Bradford Workhouse" pieces are reported as scarce by Withers, but they are referring to the pieces that are struck on Birmingham Union Copper Company tokens. They reference that D. T. Batty (1868)  records one struck on a Birmingham and South Wales Penny. W. J. Davis (1904) in his The Nineteenth Century Token Coinage is noncommittal on the host token and just refers to the countermark being used on various tokens.

Die Axis: ⇈ medal

Weight: 24.40 grams

Edge: centre grained ////

The recommended reference on the subject is Paul & Bente Withers book, British Copper Tokens 1811 - 1820. If you need the book, please click the link below.