GREAT BRITAIN Countermarked "JM" and "KEIGHLEY" Penny Token (Withers 805)




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Product type: Token

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



GREAT BRITAIN Countermarked "JM" and "KEIGHLEY" on Crown Copper Company 1811 Penny Token (Withers 805  Rare) 

Withers suggests that the "JM" countermark could be for John Mitchell or John Murgatroyd. Davis states that they were issued by the Keighley Overseers For The Poor to pay the paupers in 1818, which view was echoed by J. R. S. Whiting (Trade Tokens - A Social and economic History, p 172). Withers goes on to state that the initials are significant and cannot now be doubted as they turn up with such regularity and similarity that they cannot be other than planned issues.

Die Axis: ⇈ medal

Weight: 28.12grams

Edge: centre grained \\\\

The recommended reference on the subject is Paul & Bente Withers book, British Copper Tokens 1811 - 1820. If you need the book, please click the link below.