GREAT BRITAIN Lord Nelson, c1810 Nelsonic Crimson Oakes Society Silver Medal




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Product type: Medal

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GREAT BRITAIN Admiral Lord Nelson (1758-1805), The Nelsonic Crimson Oakes Society, silver medal, unsigned 53.7mm silver medal 48.46 grams polished, holed for suspension and some edge bumps, about Very Fine and rare (BHM 640)

Obverse: uniformed bust of Nelson left, GALLANT NELSON DIED OCTR. 21 OFF CAPE TRAFALGAR,

Reverse: pseudo-masonic symbols with eye, sun and moon, cross and fouled anchor, and ark and rainbow, NELSONIC CRIMSON OAKES - COMMENCED JANY 19 1808

Horatio Nelson does not appear to have been a Freemason but belonged to the Ancient Society of Gregorians, whose members called themselves brothers and wore Masonic-style insignia. In addition, the Nelsonic Crimson Oakes Society seems to have been a seafarers' relief association which also incorporates Masonic symbols, hence the confusion.

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