GREAT BRITAIN Royal Military Academy, 1765, silver award medal by T. Pingo, (BHM 93; Eimer 710)




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GREAT BRITAIN Royal Military Academy Woolwich, Marquis of Granby Medal, 1765, 36mm silver 19.94 grams by T. Pingo, (BHM 93; Eimer 710)

Obverse: laureate bust of George III facing right, AVSPICHS GEORG. III OPT. PRINC. P.P.

Reverse: Athena standing facing, holding palm branch and spear, owl and shield by her feet, PRAEMIA LAVDI / D.M. GRANBY MAG. GEN. ORD. MDCCLXV 

John, The Marquis of Granby was the Master-General of Ordnance and Captain of the Cadet Company of the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich during 1763-70. Prize medals in gold and in silver were instituted in 1765 for award to gentlemen cadets who distinguished themselves. Bronze medals are also known to exist. Balmer, in addition, ascribes the same medal to the Irish Ordnance Department which was formed in 1756 and incorporated into the Royal Artillery in 1801.

Thomas Pingo was an English medallist and die engraver. He worked for the Royal Mint in London. Originally thought to have come from Italy in 1742, and born there in 1692, he was in fact the son of Thomas Pingo Sr of Plumbtree Court, London. His sons Lewis Pingo and John Pingo also became noted medallists