GREAT BRITAIN University of London, Medicine Robert Fellowes Medal, 1827 by W Wyon




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GREAT BRITAIN University of London, Medicine Fellowes Medal, 1827  by W Wyon, 38mm bronze medal 31.02 grams (BHM 1310)

Obverse: bust facing left, ROBERTVS FELLOWES, L.L.D. MERENTI PROPOSVIT. / W. WYON R. A., (Trans: He offered this to a deserving student)

Reverse: MORBIS INSPECTIS DESCRIPTISQVE MERVIT. VNIV: COLL: HOSP: SCHOL: MED: VNIV: LONDIN: ALVMNVS. (Trans: A pupil of the Medical School of University College Hospital in the University of London has won this for inspecting and diagnosing diseases)

Edge: plain 

Robert Fellowes (1771-1847) was a philanthropist, editor of Critical Review, friend of Queen Caroline, benefactor of Edinburgh University and one of the promotors of London University, now University College.