HALIFAX (Nova Scotia) BUSINESS COLLEGE BANK One Dollar School Currency






HALIFAX BUSINESS COLLEGE BANK One Dollar School Currency (Schingoethe NS150-1)

The signers of this school currency were S. E. Whiston and J.C.P. Frazee who became partners in 1878.  Samuel Whiston was also a signer of the 1874 issue of the Mount Allison Bank Commercial College notes where he was a professor in their commercial department. J.C.P. Frazee was a also a signer on the Eaton's Actual Business and Commercial College Bank notes that circulated at their Saint John NB and Halifax NS locations. The two educators had collaborated on the text Frazee & Whiston's Commercial Arithmetic in 1884. Whiston sold his Halifax business college in 1900.

As college bank currency these notes did not circulate and were not redeemable. Their purpose was to familiarize commercial students with the use of banknotes.