LOWER CANADA 1814 Commerce Penny, Charlton LC-47F2, Bowman 3, Withers 1386a




Collections: Tokens, World Tokens

Product type: Token

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



LOWER CANADA 1814 Commerce Penny, ⇵ (170) Centre Grained \\\\\\ 18.13 grams, Charlton LC-47F2, Bowman 3, Withers 1386a, Davis 23, Batty 1785, Courteau 30T, Haxby Willy 239, Ingram/Marelic TF-30, Extremely Fine Inked "935"

This token produced by Thomas Halliday, is a British penny token, Breton did not recognize these tokens as having circulated in Canada, while Courteau in his Tiffin Token monograph includes them because of their die linkage to other Halliday tokens that did circulate in Canada. Fred Bowman included the piece in his Canadian Borderline Token article done for the CNJ. The 10th edition of the Charlton Colonial Tokens Catalogue lists F1 as Engrailed ////; Withers 1386a, Paul and Bente Withers list 1386a as Centre Grained \\\\; F2 is listed in Charlton as Reeded \\\\ Withers 1386 whereas the Withers list 1386 as Neatly Grained ////. This error is known to the editor.

I listed all the cataloguers of this particular token that I could come up with, and still have to wonder where does the inked 935 number come from.