LOWER CANADA Montreal T. S. Brown & Co (1832) Halfpenny Breton 561




Collections: Lower Canada, Tokens

Product type: Token

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



LOWER CANADA Montreal T. S. Brown & Co (1832) Halfpenny Breton 561, Charlton LC-15A3 (NOT LC-15A2 as the ICCS card states - definitely a Far "S", but with a period under the "o" of "Co") ICCS VF-30

Thomas Storrow Brown, a Montreal hardware merchant, and Patriote was born in St. Andrews, New Brunswick from United Empire Loyalist stock and was important enough to have made it to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. 


He led the Fils de la Liberte in the rebellion of 1837 and fled to the United States when the rebellion was put down, remaining there until given amnesty in 1844. 

The tokens were struck in Birmingham. The obverse was also used for a Louisville, Kentucky business card issued in 1845, and for a Green and Wetmore card, New York.

The photo of Brown does not come with the token.