MANITOBA 1896 Lieutenant Governor Hon J C Patterson 1895 -1900 Awarded Medal




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MANITOBA 1896 Lieutenant Governor Hon J C Patterson 1895 -1900 Awarded Medal

38.3mm silver medal 35.67 grams (Clowery 22) awarded to "Alphonsine Samson" of Taché Academy St-Boniface Cours Francais

Interesting to note that in Freeman Clowery's book, Medals of Lieutenant-Governors of Canada, that the first Lt Gov medal for the Province of Manitoba was awarded on somewhat restrictive criteria; eligible only to male students of British descent, of good Christian character, a total abstainer, and of satisfactory scholastic attainments. Preference was given to non-smokers, and students who were planning to become medical missionaries. The rules seemed to have changed by the time the second medal was issued under Patterson as Miss Samson was of French descent.

Alphonsine Samson was the daughter of Joseph Samson and Séraphine Leduc (both French-Canadians born in Québec). She was born March 22 1878 in St-Boniface and was baptised at the St-Boniface Cathedral the next day. She married Eugene Landry on June 17th 1907 also at the St-Boniface Cathedral. Together they had 4 children. Armand - who became a medical doctor; Simone - who became a nun and twins Agnes and Marie-Jeanne (though Marie-Jeanne appears to have died shortly after her birth). Alphonsine died in 1955 in St-Boniface at the age of 77