NETHERLANDS God’s Penny Gods Penning medal WW1 amulet




Collections: Medals, World Medals

Product type: Banking Memorabilia

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



Netherlands God’s Penny medal World War I, 41mm ten-sided bronze 19.65 grams amulet and prayers all in Dutch.   

Obverse: Cross made of barbed wired WIE U VERVOLGT VERVOLGT MIJ Whoever persecutes you persecutes me;

Reverse: symbols of morning noon and night with prayer: HEER WAT WILT U DAT IK DOWN ZAL. GOD RED ONS UIT DE NOOD! GEEF VREDE AAN DE WERELD. HEER BLUF BIJ MIJ HET WORDT NACHT Lord what do you want me to do? God save us from harm! Give the world peace. Lord be with me night approaches.