NOVA SCOTIA Capt. Broke 1814 Halfpenny Token Breton 879 Charlton NS-7B4




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Product type: Token

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NOVA SCOTIA Captain P. B. Vere Broke 1814 Halfpenny Token ⇈ Reeded Edge 7.47 grams Charlton NS-7B4, Breton 879 Very Fine  but to the left of the bust it has been lightly inked "50"

Recommend reading Guns Off Cape Ann: The Story Of The Shannon And The Chesapeake by Kenneth Poolman for the full story on Captain Broke's determination and discipline in this epic War of 1812 battle. Broke captured the U.S.S. Chesapeake in 1813 in what was the first British naval victory of the War of 1812. The "Prize of War" was towed to Halifax and sold. Die preparation was very poor resulting in tokens of inferior quality