NOVA SCOTIA Halifax Richard Shepeard Breton 903

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NOVA SCOTIA Halifax Richard Shepeard Good For 1 R.S. 24.9mm brass token 3.85 grams Breton 903

Breton erroneously spelt Shepeard's name as Shepheard. The token was apparently issued in 1886, and Breton speculates that only about 25 of the 100 minted are in the hands of collectors.

Captain Richard Shepeard (1867 - 1909) was a Halifax hotelkeeper, and this check was used in connection with the St. James Billiard Hall, being good for one game. Due to Mr. Shepeard's heart problems the business was for sale in November 1898. Rather than winding down the Halifax Herald newspaper in its 1 Nov 1899 edition reports that the Mr. Shepeard had made arrangements with the C.P.R. telegraph company for a wire into the billiard hall and that will have an account by rounds of the Dixon and Curley fight on Thursday, and the Jeffries and Sharkey on Friday. The business was sold at Sheriff's Auction in 1902, only to once again open under the same name.

Please note that the advertisement does not come with the token. It is from the 1889 McAlpine's Halifax City Directory