Nova Scotia, Wallace - Robert Purves Breton 897, Charlton MT-5




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Nova Scotia, Wallace - Robert Purves Breton 897, Charlton MT-5

The Robert Purves General Store was located just east of the village of Wallace, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. Purves was a shipbuilder by trade and built his store next to his shipyard at Wallace. He also had another store at Tatamagouche, N.S. In 1854, the RETRIEVER, the largest ship ever constructed in Wallace, was built at his shipyard. It was a 990 ton full rigged ship, with one deck and three masts. It was a apparently a company store situation where his workers were paid in his own tokens and could spend them at his store. 

He left Wallace in the early 1860's and moved to Tatamagouche, where he continued to operate his other store and to build many smaller ships. His store was later torn down and the first steam powered engine to saw lumber for ship construction was set up on the site. He died in 1872, and was buried in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.