ONTARIO Hamilton Barton Lodge #6 Masonic 1895 Centennial




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ONTARIO Hamilton Barton Lodge #6 Masonic Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Commemoration of the Lodge's 1795 - 1895 Centennial 25mm bronze medal 7.56 grams

THE BARTON LODGE, No. 6 – A Brief Summary from their website

The first settlers in Wentworth County were almost exclusively Loyalists. Not a few were already Masons, made in military or civil lodges, principally under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of New York. A number of them settled at “The Head-of-the-Lake,” in the townships of Barton and Ancaster, and became the founders of The Barton Lodge, No. 10.

The first Warrant constituting The Barton Lodge, dated Nov. 20th 1795, was derived from R. W. Bro. William Jarvis. Imperfect records of the first regular meeting of the Lodge, held January 6th, 1796, exist. Sixteen members attended, including Chief Joseph Brant. Of the second, held at Smith’s tavern, in the township of Barton, on the thirty-first day of the same month, we have full minutes. From the initial meeting held January 6th, 1796 through February 9th, 1810 The Barton Lodge, No. 10 worked with regularity and harmony. Labour ceased after February 9th, 1810 for a period of twenty-six years due to the unsettled state of the country caused by the War of 1812. During this eventful period, almost all of the members of The Barton Lodge, No. 10 played conspicuous parts and did their duty in the defence of their country.

Labour resumed on 10th day of August, 1836 after the brethren had met in committee and obtained the Warrant and Jewels from Brother Robert Land. Since that date, The Barton Lodge has met with regularity, harmony and prosperity. On 2013 May 14, The Barton Lodge, No. 6 opened lodge for its 2000th meeting, an event which was celebrated by a garden party on 2013 June 5th.