ONTARIO, Ottawa B. Rothwell, 1 Quart Dairy Token 28mm Breton 818a




Collections: Post Confederation, Tokens

Product type: Token

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



ONTARIO, Ottawa B. Rothwell, 1 Quart Dairy Token 28mm Breton 818a

The following is an excerpt from the excellent article by Paul S. Berry and Kitrina Bevan, Ottawa Dairy Tokens, An Overview of the Dairy Tokens of Ottawa
and Their Issuers.

Benjamin Rothwell (sometimes spelled Rathwell) worked as a farmer in Gloucester
Township at Of1, Lot 19, between 1870–71 and 1884, the last year for which a listing of
him could be located. His house stood on the south side of Montreal Road, where
Elmridge Park is located today, just east of Blair Road. These tokens are in aluminum,
brass, and copper. They were denounced as fraudulent by McLachlan in April 1893.

Very similar to Breton 820. This piece is 28mm versus Breton 820 being 25mm, and there is a hyphen after Pritchard, as opposed to a comma. This piece is not referenced in the Berry / Bevan article in which all the Pritchard and Andrews pieces are 25mm (link below) Scarce.


Provenance: ex Cooper collection, ex Buckley Collection ex Joseph Lepczyk November 1981 Lot 235 (comes with tag)