Ontario, Ottawa - Capital Lacrosse Club Leroux 1545b circa 1893




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Ontario, Ottawa - Capital Lacrosse Club 38mm aluminium medal Leroux 1545b, Charlton 1540.2 

The Ottawa Capitals were the competing clubs of the Capital Amateur Athletic Association (CAAA) of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Association competed in ice hockey, lacrosse and other athletics.

The Capital Lacrosse Club won the first Minto Cup in 1901. The other variation of this medal is dated 1893, but still has the "Champions of the World" reverse, so reasonable to suggest that this piece is not associated with the Minto Cup victory. The Capitals lacrosse club was one of the first amateur organizations that gave some of its players small amounts of money, causing a scandal that led to several of their athletes, including Bouse Hutton and Rat Westwick, being banned from amateur play against other organizations that frowned on any dilution of the amateur standard. Scarce seldom encountered medal