PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Brockage Ships Colonies & Commerce Lees 15

Prince Edward Island, Tokens






PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Brockage Ships Colonies & Commerce Lees 15, 5.14 grams

In his book Imperial Designs Canada's Ships, Colonies & Commerce Tokens Christopher Faulkner writes that "the most  common brockages seem to be of the 1842/44 Bank of Montreal halfpennies (Breton 527 obverse), and they are also known on the 1856 Nova Scotia Mayflower tokens (Breton 875 and 876, both obverse), and the 1857 dated Self Government and Free Trade token (Breton 919 reverse), among other series. Given the quantities struck, it is somewhat surprising that the brockages in the Ships series are uncommon" p407   

"A brockage is an error that arises during the minting process when a struck piece becomes stuck in the press and is not ejected from between the dies. It either sits on the lower die or adheres to the upper die when the latter withdraws prior to striking the next blank. When the die comes together on the new blank, the struck piece, which has adhered to one of the dies, acts like a punch, which leaves a sunken, mirror impression of its image in the new blank." p406