PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Breton 996, PE-9B2 For Publick Accommodation




Collections: Prince Edward Island, Tokens

Product type: Token

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND For Publick Accommodation Breton 996, Charlton PE-9B2 Almost Uncirculated (The dies were poorly prepared resulting in a lack of detail. Important to look at surface wear when grading.)

The provenance of this piece is the Heritage Auctions - Doug Robins collection 20th April 2018 part of lot 29218 where it was described as "Unc., Br-996, PE-9B1, 4.44 gm. Copper." It has been XRF tested and is definitely brass hence PE-9B2

Die Axis: ⇈ medal

Weight: 4.68 grams

Edge: Plain