QUEBEC 1880 St-Jean de Baptiste National Convention Leroux 1735




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



QUEBEC 1880 St-Jean de Baptiste National Convention 37.9 white metal medal 16.57 grams with integral loop (Leroux 1735, McLachlan 190, Charlton 2865-25-2A)

Obverse: St John the Baptist with crossed boughs of maple leaves, SOCIETE ST. JEAN BAPTISTE DE QUEBEC / NOS INSTITUTIONS NOTRE LANGUE ET NOS LOIS

Reverse: a settler holding a flag in his right hand, and an axe in his right, a plough, spade, rake and scythe at his feet, a beaver rests on the banner containing the motto, SOUVENIR DE LA CONVENTION NATIONALE DU 24 JUIN / EMPARONS NOUS / DU SOL / 1880 / LABORE IMPROBUS OMNIA VINCIT

Robert McLachlan notes that this piece was struck in New York for the Quebec St. Jean Baptiste Society, and is the only medal of this group that which was issued officially