QUEBEC 1884 Ludger Duvernay Assoc. St-Jean Baptiste Leroux 1743




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QUEBEC 1884 Ludger Duvernay Association St-Jean Baptiste de Montreal 50mm brass medal 49.73 grams (Leroux 1743) The edge has the remnants of a hanger at 12 o'clock. 

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society is an institution in Quebec dedicated to the protection of Quebec francophone interests and to the promotion of Quebec sovereignism. It is known as the oldest patriotic association in French North America. The society was created by Ludger Duvernay, a journalist for La Minerve in Lower Canada. It evolved from the Société Aide-toi et le ciel t'aidera ("help yourself and heaven will help you"), which was founded by Duvernay on March 8, 1834. Most notably, it made the 24th of June St. John the Baptist day, the national day of the Quebecers.

The firm of Arthus Bertrand of Paris struck the medal. In Robert Willey's Dictionary of Canadian Medallists it states that Leroux 1742 and 1743 were the firm's sole Canadian productions, but the Hon. H. G. Carroll, Quebec Lieutenant Governor medal by Jean Bailleul and the Quebec 1908 French Language Medical Congress Charlton #1150-5  by Heinrich Kautsch were also products of Arthus Bertrand. The Bailleul medal is not marked as such but is credited by Willey as being by Bertand of Paris. The Kautsch medal in Charlton is said to be a product of the Paris Mint, but the example in our inventory has the triangular mint mark of Arthus Bertrand.