Quebec 1950 Lieutenant Governor Gaspard Fauteux (Rejected Design) Clowery #17




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Product type: Medal

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Quebec 1950 Lieutenant Governor Gaspard Fauteux (Rejected Design) 71.6mm silvered bronze medal 163 grams Clowery #17


This medal by Quebec artist René Thibault (1909-1978) was rejected, reportedly due to its not being a suitable likeness of the subject. Subsequently Miss Sylvia Daoust was commissioned to make another sculpture, which was approved, while the original reverse was retained. Freeman Clowery reports that, "a few bronze pieces were struck, with six such medals known to the author".  Thibault was to later the design the 1961 medal of Lt. Gov Paul Comtois.

The silvered bronze medal was not mentioned by Clowery, nor was the third variety that has been described as blackened bronze.  The owner of the blackened bronze medal shared that the edge is unfinished, without C. LAMOND on the edge and that the weights are different. In their collection the bronze is 155.2 grams, the silver is 164.1 grams and the blackened bronze is 191.3 grams