QUEBEC Joliette Seminary 1897 White Metal Medal Leroux 1235i




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



QUEBEC Joliette Seminary 1897 41mm lightly gilt white metal 29.11 grams Leroux 1235i

Obverse: building at centre, SEMINARIUN JOLIETTENSE / 1897

Reverse: building at centre, DUM SPIRO SPERO / 1846 / C. TISON (Trans: While I Breathe I Hope)

This medal is also known to come with an integral hanger, and with a blue white and red ribbon and a hanger marked AUR IUB

Barthélemy Joliette founded in the school in 1846. Part of his plan was to do away with the bad mode of education that there was in the country: to have children study only a few years of Latin, so that, when they leave college, they are not capable of anything. In 1847 the programme of Joliette college was published, which advertised courses in English and French along with courses in commerce, agriculture, botany, line drawing, etc., etc., promising a course of Latin for those who would like to learn it, after having followed for a few years practical courses.

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